Shipping Method Region Shipping Time
(Business Days Estimation)
 Free Shipping United States, Canada* 16 – 35
 Free Shipping United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland 16 – 35
 Free Shipping Brazil, Russia, Argentina*, Chile*, Peru, Italy*, Colombia, Mexico 20 – 40
 Free Shipping All Other Countries 20 – 40

The delivery time varies since we depend on international courier service that has different policies from country to country. If the product has not been delivered after 98 days, We will give all the support to recover your purchase.
Just remember we are together on this. Keep in touch!!

If after five months and half your product has not been handed over, your money will be back right away!

Track your shipping

Don’t hesitate in requesting your tracking code after two weeks of the shipping confirmation, if we have not sent it to you within this time, since this is usually the maximum period for issuing the code. Tracking often takes time to update on the Post service website.

It normally takes from 3 to 15 days. However, sometimes you will see it when the product comes to your country or house, keep calm, it is normal. If your product exceed this time limit and the tracking does not continue to update, please send us an email and we will request a new code. In some cases, the tracking will not be possible through the Post service website. In this case, we will send you an international website in which you can track your order. WE ARE PARTNERS ON THIS.

Before being delivered to your home the package will go through international treatment units (normal operations for international purchases), so do not be alarmed if your order is passing through other cities. Wait for it to appear as “left for delivery” and “delivery made “to verify your address and not only” checked “or” delivered “, because in those updates the order will still be on hold to be delivered.

Too much info isn’t it!? We will back you up all the time if needed ☺


Remember, we are going to send your product registered as a gift labeled with low price so the chances that your product goes through customs are really low. However, if it goes through this process you will have to wait a few more days, and you might be charged with a fee. Don’t worry! We will repay this fee, just contact us via email to have a look on your case.

We will see every single case individually to give each one the best possible solution. ^^ Please note: (Only in rare cases orders are taxed)

Incorrect address / Address Change

Friendly info! We encourage you to be sure about the shipment address that you provide us; If you are about to change your address, we will be pleased to send it to a friend or relative’s house who is certain to receive the package for you. If the item returns to the sender due to this fact, we will attempt to renegotiate the shipment, however, it would be analyzed as a courtesy of the store because we want your satisfaction, but if the sender does not accept the negotiation, we will not be able do something.

No refund requests will be accepted before the first solution (product reshipping) but if the first solution does not solve the case, refund may be requested.
Keep calm, we will back you up! 😉

Reshipped purchases generally do not have tracking code. But there are only few.